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  • Encrypt and decrypt data in PHP using AES-256
    Encrypt and decrypt data in PHP using AES-256
  • Case study on time frames when it is best to post content on various social networks: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr
    Social Media Timing: Post, Pin & Tweet: what are the best times to post on social networks?
  • For small and medium projects, CakePHP Translation Behavior does an awesome job, but when we deal with a huge database, we may consider to split the i18n table into many translation tables.
    The art of web programming: CakePHP Translate Behavior scalability issues

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I love web design! Along with the acquired experience I developed a sincere passion for programming and I currently handwrite quality code for each web project in part. My mission is to provide the upmost quality in my work at an affordable rate for my clientele.


Facebook apps are a kind of micro-sites that interact with certain user information offered through the Facebook API. These apps are primarily used by companies to attract and engage more fans into the brand Facebook page. Effective user engagement = app success.


In a mobile world, where smartphones and tablets have become indispensable accessories, promoting your company on these devices becomes mandatory, whether we are talking mobile web design or applications for different mobile OS (Android, iOS, Microsoft).


We all want our site to appear in the top relevant search results in most popular search engines. To convince the search engines that our site deserves that rank, we need an clear SEO strategy, adequate search engine optimization, hard work and patience.


High page load time is the main reason of abandonment. 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. It’s proved that website visitors tend to care more about speed than about all the eye-catching widgets you want to add to our website. Decreasing page load time can drastically increase conversions and provide your users a better experience.


To interact as efficiently as possible with users interested in your products and services, you must have a diversified presence in Social Media Cloud. Integration with various APIs of social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.) creates a more efficient interaction with users and provides better statistics about your customers.


The most convenient way to monetize your business is selling products online. Due to the fast development of E-commerce frameworks, creating and maintaining online stores became available to admins without programming knowledge. But an ”out of the box” solution cannot mold perfectly to all needs and custom development intervenes.


CakePHP is a PHP framework released under a friendly MIT license which allows programmers to develop web applications faster, simpler and writing less code. I chose to refine my knowledge in CakePHP development due to their proposed programming conventions, available tools (included in core or developed by the community) and offered security.

Latest web projects

Whether it's about different applications for social networking platforms, corporate sites, e-commerce platforms or an ERP, each project is treated with maximum reliability so it can pass with flying colors the most demanding requirements.

Ford Focus Parade

Facebook apps

Ford Focus ParadeFacebook apps

Ford Țiriac Auto

web sites

Ford Țiriac Autoweb sites

Santal - The Juice Factory

Facebook apps

Santal - The Juice FactoryFacebook apps

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Encrypt and decrypt data in PHP using AES-256

Encrypt and decrypt data in PHP using AES-256

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